Small Ecommerce Business Checklist

As a novice small business owner, you’re bound to make a few mistakes along the way. 

Nowadays, customers simply expect more from the businesses they support—accurate package tracking, faster shipping timeframes, a special unboxing experience, and ultra-sanitary shipping conditions, just to name a few. Essentially, they expect total supply chain transparency. It’s important to not only understand these needs, but to do everything in your power to meet them and show your customers what you’re doing to improve their experiences with your company. As a novice small business owner, you’re bound to make a few mistakes along the way. With that in mind, let’s explore some vital things you should know about the logistics, product shipping and packaging side of starting your small ecommerce business.

Volume of Orders

One of the main factors influencing pricing is the cost of shipping orders. The more orders, the less the cost per shipment. Once you’ve called multiple providers willing to provide you with a competitive rate it becomes a question of service for you and your customers. 

Customize Your Packaging

A generic box or mailer leaves little to be remembered so having in custom packaging is certainly the way businesses are distancing themselves from the forgotten. A small investment such as a simple logo printed on the packaging or custom label would be enough to get noticed. There is no limit to what experience your customers will have when receiving a package then finally unboxing it for everyone to see where their impressions and added advertising pay for themselves.

Tracking in Real Time

Everyone using ecommerce expects products to be shipped on time and notified if not so the importance of accessing the status of any order is expected with any business. Delays are normal especially with disruptions regarding outbreaks so reaching an understanding with your customers and providing transparent service speak volumes.

Providing Insurance 

Offering some of your customers peace of mind when they purchase a product from you can seem like an added expense but when there are so many factors that can derail a shipments schedule it makes sense to opt for this consumer confidence measure. Along with tracking in real time, having a policy to cover the unknown helps deal with any anxiety when ordering online.