Location of the Facility
Location is a critical factor when making a selection for fulfilment provider. It’s usually a function of where your product is manufactured or procured and where your customers are located. Many companies unknowingly believe that it has to be located close to them – which may be helpful if you are more “hands on” and would prefer to keep tabs on your partner while building a closer relationship. But keeping an open mind will open up avenues that could lead to increased performance, lower costs, and less headaches.

Of course, many would argue that the company with the lowest prices would be the best way to go. Sometimes, however, you get what you pay for. Use your common sense — when a company comes in much lower than others, you might want to consider why. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Furthermore, quality is extremely important. For a company to provide high quality services, they won’t necessarily be the cheapest company out there. Some of the fees may include a minimum fee, storage fees, and pallet fees. Ask questions and compare fee structures.

Flexibility and Additional Services
You should also think about the types of services you might need. Is everything you do rather straightforward and simple, or do you often need to have kits or bundles put together? What about your company and your products might make it more difficult for the average fulfillment company to handle? Understand what additional services you might need and how flexible you need the fulfillment company to be. This will help to ensure you are working with the right company that “gets you” from the start.

Create a Realistic Budget
From there, you need to look at your books and decide what you can realistically afford to spend on fulfillment. The pricing models of different fulfillment services can vary. But you should think about how much you can afford to spend per unit while still making enough off of each sale.

Find Out About Returns
Returns or exchanges can also be a major issue. If you need your fulfillment company to handle them for you, then you need to make sure they have the ability to do so. And you should also ask more detailed questions about their process for returns.

Find a Transparent Company
The most important thing  is to find a company that’s transparent. If they are willing to answer your questions and don’t try to hold back information, you’re likely to have a good working relationship with your fulfillment service.

Additional Services

Custom Labeling
Container stuffing / De-stuffing
Cargo Storage
Cross Docking
Container Loading & Unloading
On Line Inventory
Order Processing
Expedited Orders

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