Facility Optimization

Get an expert second opinion on your warehousing and logistics spending by having us conduct a Facility Optimization Review, available exclusively from Antoine Fulfillment, a proven service which has helped companies just like yours save thousands of dollars – or more.

Benefits of Facility Optimization

1. Run a more sustainable warehouse
Will help you learn where the current gaps are and where to improve. Without efficiency and productivity, the warehouse cannot sustain itself and will cost you even more money.

2. Gather reliable data
Data is king. Performing an review more frequently will reduce inventory discrepancies and provide data needed for strategic decision-making. If you’re doing it manually, you will need to carefully record it. If you’re using a tool or warehouse management system, it will just be a matter of grabbing the most up-to-date numbers.

3. Reduce costs
As we conduct the review, you will find or learn about inefficiencies in the warehouse that are costing you time and money. It can range from moving a few things around to replacing ineffective machines. Once the audit is over, take note of which inefficiencies were logged so you can track how much money you saved by fixing them.

4. Fix or prevent broken equipment
Continuous improvement should always be the goal. During the course of your review, you’ll likely identify equipment that is not working as intended. While some employees might say it’s working “good enough,” equipment failures will cost you more in the long run. During the warehouse review, take notes of the equipment that need to be fixed or needs preventative maintenance. Once the audit is done, place work orders so the equipment receives its maintenance or is replaced.

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